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Aaron Smith was born on planet Earth, in the year 1995 A.C.E.

When the scientists extracted me from the fetal incubation chamber, I had 600 arms. They decided that the world wasn’t ready for such a creature, and they retrofitted me to seem more like the rest of the humans.

I’m still learning about who I am and how to express myself, but I harbor a strong curiosity and passion for art and experiences which are visceral, cathartic, awe-inspiring, and bemusing in nature. Some of my greatest joys are discovering new music, seeing new films, being immersed in natural beauty, truly connecting with other people, and riding the vessel of creative expression.

I was born in New York, and spent the majority of my life in South Florida. I went to school at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, where I graduated with a BA in Visual Arts and Emerging Media Management with a minor in Studio Arts: Mixed Media. I spent three years teaching high school art in Oakland Park, FL and am currently traveling, discovering.

I recently set up a sublimation based garment printing operation, which is what sparked the birth of this website, which functions as an art gallery, and a storefront for artist-designed clothing.

If you see something you like among the                                      ,  please contact me to discuss purchase opportunities.

I suppose if you’d like to know more, you’ll just have to

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